Hannington Street Turkish Baths,
Hobart Town, Tasmania, Australia, 1870

Harrington Road Turkish Baths
< Courtesy of the State Library Of Tasmania

The Turkish baths (shown here on the right) were on the corner with Collins Street. Information about the baths is currently sketchy though it is known that they were built for the Hobart Town Turkish Bath Co Ltd, and opened to the public in September 1868.

The company was formed at a public meeting held at the Hobart Town Hall on 25 October 1866. The Secretary was W G Elliston and the first Chairman was Alfred Kennerley, later succeeded by Henry Llewellyn Roberts.

The land was purchased from a Mr Adcock for 400, and the two adjacent houses (on the left of the image) were purchased in 1874 from Moses Cohen. The baths building, designed by Henry Hunter, together with its fittings, cost around 1,500. The first Baths Manager appears to have been a Mr John Donally.

< Walch's Almanac (Tasmania) 1870

In the late 1880s, the Hobart Turkish Baths were listed as being owned by a Mr W Chester, so at some stage, in common with the approach followed by a number of other Turkish bath companies, it must have been decided that the company should not run the baths themselves but lease them to an independent operator.

The company was wound up in 1892 and the premises were sold. But the buildings were not demolished until 1933, and it is not known when the baths themselves closed.

The letterbooks, minutes of meetings (shareholders and directors), and share register of the company were donated by the Roberts family to The Royal Society of Tasmania and perhaps this brief description of the baths will tempt a local Tasmanian to investigate the history of the baths further.

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