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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline
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Scope and explanation

When the Victorian Turkish Baths website was started, a firm decision was taken to exclude any establishments outside the 'British Isles'. This was in no sense an attempt to apply a value judgment; merely that there would be more than enough work involved in dealing with the hundreds of baths in the four countries where this specifically Victorian version of the Roman bath originated.

Since then, many emails from outside the UK commenting favourably on the site and an even greater number of enquiries from 'abroad', suggested that establishments located outside the British Isles which come to our attention should, at the very least, be listed, perhaps as a starting point for other researchers who may like to join us.

So six additional pages have been included in the directory section of the site. They are, however, different from others in the directory in that, though there may continue to be occasional exceptions, it is not intended that any further information about the listed baths will necessarily appear.

No specific attempt is being made to seek out additional entries, or methodically attempt to indicate when they opened or closed. But information which presents itself serendipitously, or is sent by visitors to the site, will be added to the list 'as is'. For this reason, almost all dates should be treated as sightings only—unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Any of these Victorian Turkish baths which might still remain open are not specifically indicated as such in the table.

Although only a handful have been researched in any significant way, it is believed that all but a few are Victorian or Victorian-style Turkish baths.

An attempt has been made to check whenever possible that there are hot dry air baths at the establishment, but some—especially those dated after the first decade of the 20th century—may actually have been Russian vapour baths. It is, as discussed in the introductory pages of the site, not possible to distinguish between the two types by name alone. Wherever possible we have at least attempted to find an advert, item of ephemera, or newspaper account.

If you have access to local information and wish to add, amend, or correct any dates, please do contact us.

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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