Newcastle-on-Tyne Infirmary:
plan of the third Turkish baths

Plan of third Turkish bath
< 113rd annual report of the Newcastle Infirmary, 1864

KEY. a. Caldarium; b. Tepidarium; c. Lavatorium; d.Frigidarium; e. Hot air chambers & Furnace; f. Smoke flues, one over the other, with air spaces between, and reclining seat above. The top flue 2 ft above floor; g. Hot air duct; h. Cold fresh air duct;  i. Air space between flue & wall; o. Foul air duct; k.Furnace place.

Plan of the third Turkish bath to be installed at the infirmary. Instead of a hypocaust, hot air flows through the rooms in turn. There is no longer a basin or shower in the hot room; these have been replaced by a separate lavatorium (c) and toilet. The bath has been designed according to the principles devised by Dr John Adams Bolton of Leicester, brother of the Infirmary's house surgeon, Dr Andrew Bolton.

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The Newcastle-on-Tyne Infirmary Turkish baths

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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