Dr John Adams Bolton (1827-73)

John Adams Boilton
Photograph  courtesy:
Andrew Robert Bolton

Son of a medical man, and brother of Andrew Bolton, House Surgeon at the Newcastle-on-Tyne Infirmary, Bolton was a firm believer in the medical value of the Turkish bath. He worked for a time as Resident Assistant Surgeon at the Newcastle Infirmary before moving to Leicester.

In 1861 he started a Turkish bath there at 9 New Street which remained open until just after the turn of the century. He devised a new method of heating it for which he submitted a patent application on 19 March.1 The system was used by his brother Andrew with notable success in the Turkish bath at the Newcastle Infirmary.

On 10 August 1870 he delivered a paper, The naked man and his photograph, in re the Turkish bath, at the 38th annual meeting of the British Medical Association. He used photographs to show the benefits of the bath in the case of a rheumatic patient.2

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Andrew Robert Bolton, Great great grandson of Andrew Bolton and Great great nephew of

John Adams Bolton

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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