Ticket for the Coronation Procession,
with advertisement for the Savoy Turkish Baths on the reverse

Reverse of ticket

Obverse of ticket
Obverse: Ticket for a reserved seat on the Clements Dane stand for the coronation procession of King George V on 22 June 1911

Reverse: Advertisement for the various Turkish Baths which were owned by the newly formed company and opened in 1911

William Cooper, of 761 Old Kent Road, London, was the printer of the tickets and/or was responsible for selling the tickets and organising the stand. In any event, during the previous year or so he had purchased a number of Turkish baths which were brought together to form a company named Savoy Turkish Baths Limited. What more natural than that he should advertise them on the other side of the tickets?

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Savoy Turkish Baths Limited

Terminus Turkish Baths,  Station Approach, London

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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