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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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Cardiff Turkish Baths Company Limited
Company baths: CARDIFF: Charles Street

As handwriting is often unclear, all name transcriptions below are indicative only.
When accuracy is important, the original documents should be consulted.
PRO (Public Record Office) documents are at The National Archives, Kew.

TNA: PRO: BT31 15535/45891 All unfootnoted information is taken from this file.

1895 Memorandum of Association: 7 November
Objects include: 'To acquire by purchase as a going concern and carry on and extend the business of Turkish and other Baths now carried on at No.32 Charles Street, Cardiff...'
Capital: 5,000 divided into 5,000 shares of 1
Downing, Charles (200 shares) Surgeon
Davey, C E (25 shares) Accountant
David, D D (25 shares) Estate agent
Hall, H (1 share) Accountant
Rice, William (50 shares) Baths manager
Small, C (100 shares)
Seniors, Arthur (50 shares) Solicitor
Registered Office: 16 St John's Square (12 November)
Agreement between William Whitmore Welch of 1 West Grove and the Cardiff Turkish Baths Company Limited, to purchase land, dwelling house and Bath known as 32 (formerly 16) Charles Street (subject to Indenture of Mortgage 19 May 1894 between William Whitmore Welch and John Neve and Charles Brown Smith of Whampton) and goodwill, fixtures, and fittings for 2,500 secured with interest at 4% paid as to 1,500 in cash and the remainder as 800 shares numbered 1-800, to be completed before 2 December.

'The Company shall duly honour all current and season tickets to the Baths issued by the vendor prior to the completion of the present sale and purchase and shall take over existing advertising contracts.'

1896 Subscribers:
Downing, Charles (100 shares)
Rice, William (80 shares)
Welch, Walter Whitmore (800 shares)

1901 Registered Office: 67 Queen Street (19 January)
Shareholders include:
Cook, Walter (204 shares & 415 preference shares) (Dir)
Downing, Charles (100 shares) (Dir)
James, Frank (25 & 25 shares) (Solicitor, Merthyr Tydfil)
and 15 others

1906 Shareholders include:
Downing, Charles (100 &150 shares) (Dir)
James, Arthur Perkins (25 &125 shares (Dir)
James, Frank (25 &25 shares) (Solicitor, Merthyr Tydfil)
Rice, William (105 &25 shares) Baths manager
Thomas, C B (Dir)
and 9 others

1910 Registered Office: 36 Windsor Place (A P James' office) (27 Oct)

1911 Directors:
Downing, Charles
James, Arthur Perkins
Morgan, James

1914 Building mortgaged to Walter Whitmore Welch for 1,600 (5 Jan)
2nd mortgage for 250 to Charles Downing, James Morgan, and Arthur Perkins James (6 Jan)

1916 Directors:
Charles Downing
Arthur Perkins James

1919 Secretary: D D David (27 September)
Mortgage 1,600 to Lloyds Bank

1920 Directors (at 16 July):
Lynn-Thomas, John, Sir (Surgeon)
Miles, William Percival
11 original shareholders bought out by Lynn-Thomas, Miles, William Jones, and 4 other single shareholders. Welch's shares all bought by D D David

1921 'The company having disposed of its premises and equipment cannot continue its business'. Liquidator: D D David (17 February) Wound up: (6 April)

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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