William Gordon-Stables (Medicus)
and his book on the Turkish bath

The book
Grdon Stables

Apart from his boys' stories (there are well over 100 in the British Library catalogue), Gordon-Stables also contributed regular health advice columns (under the pseudonym 'Medicus') to the Girls Own Paper, and the Boys Own Paper. Other works included: The Wife's guide to health and happiness, The People's ABC guide to health, and The Girls' Own book of health and beauty.

His book on Turkish baths went into at least two editions and is written in extremely flowery language.

In 1883 he built the Wanderer, the world's first purpose built caravan.

< Turkish and other baths: a guide to good health and longevity / W Gordon Stables. Dean, [1883]
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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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