Easing the boredom of the cabinet bath

Multi-tasking in the bath

'The Gem Wood Cabinet is supplied with an adjustable seat, so that the same bath may be used by a child or a grown up person…In other respects the Gem Wood Cabinet is most convenient. There are two apertures, through which the bather may put either arm for such purposes as to drink from a glass, for which there is a convenient recess in the top of the cabinet, to wipe the face, or turn the pages of a book (supported by a conveniently placed rest) should reading be engaged in during the bath. When the arms are not protruding, these apertures are closed by two sliding panels operated from the inside.' 1

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The Retreat, York

Women and the Victorian Turkish bath.  Pt 6: attitudes to privacy, nudity, & exercise

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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 1. The Gem Quaker Turkish Bath Cabinets. — London : Gem Supplies, c.1905 [return]