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The bibliographic history of what is often referred to as David Urquhart's The Free Press is complicated, and is sometimes incorrectly described by historians.

The first issue of The Free Press to be owned by David Urquhart (and financed by George Crawshay) was actually Vol.III, No.1 (16 August 1856). It continued, with several name changes, until 1877.

The first two volumes of The Free Press were owned by Isaac Ironside, were published in London between 13 October 1855 and August 1856, and were shortened versions of the corresponding issues of Isaac Ironside's The Sheffield Free Press, but without the local Sheffield news.

The Sheffield Free Press & Rotherham and Barnsley Advertiser began publication on 4 January 1851 and was bought by Isaac Ironside on 7 April 1855. During 1854, the paper sold 122,500 copies; during the same year, The Yorkshireman sold only 106,000 copies.

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The Victorian Turkish Bath Movement

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A working class movement

Heritaging the Victorian Turkish bath: creating a saleable asset

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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