Victorian Turkish Baths Picture of the Month for December 2011

Picture postcard advertising Logan's Turkish Baths
at 513 South Main Street, Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA

Postcard showing Jim River
Advertising side of the postcard

Trade cards of one sort or another were a popular way of advertising Turkish baths. Not all such cards were originally designed for a specific establishment. Particularly in the United States, brightly coloured cards, designed to be collected, were overprinted with advertising information in spaces designed for that purpose.

Typical of such cards, are those for Dr E P Miller's Turkish Baths in New York, which can be seen elsewhere on this site, and that for the Galt House Turkish baths in Louisville, printed on a fan-shaped card.

Logan has chosen a simpler approach which allows his advertisement to be posted in the mail to prospective customers, or given away to customers who might possibly use them to post to their friends. This allows a considerable amount of information to be included on the address side of the postcard.

In this particular example it seems as though the location of the picture, the James River (also known as the Jim River) as it passes South Dakota's Tacoma Park, has been omitted from a caption below the image and rather crudely superimposed over the image itself on the plate used for printing the card. This has made room for printing the location of the baths, while the other three margins have been used for additional advertising slogans.

This postcard is from the collection of the Victorian Turkish Baths Project

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