Victorian Turkish Baths Picture of the Month for July 2010

Grand Hotel Buildings, Eastbourne:
encaustic floor tiles

Eastbourne floor tiles
< Photo: Chris Moore

The Turkish Baths at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne were the last to be run under the name of Charles Bartholomew although they were actually owned by the hotel. They opened in 1888, a year before he died, and continued to run under his name until 1897.

The baths finally closed around 1933, and at some stage the entrance leading directly off the hotel lobby was bricked up and the Baths' reception area became a shop with its own entrance.

The photograph of the tiled floor dates from the early 1990s and was taken specially for this project by Chris Moore who was conducted round the basement by a kindly shopkeeper and shown what remained of the baths. The remnants, which included the bricked- up boiler, a number of bare rooms, and further floor tiles, are no longer in existence and nothing remains to be seen.

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Chris Moore for her photograph

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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