Swindon Turkish baths
stained-glass window

Stained-glass window, Swindon Health Hydro

Stained-glass window, part of the last of the Turkish baths built in Swindon by the Great Western Railway as one of the facilities offered to its workers (and their families) through membership of its Medical Fund Society. More recently, this part of the premises was converted into offices.

Although the baths are still open, there is no longer a separate bath for women; instead, they use the remaining baths at set times during the week, and during the mixed sessions.

< Photo: courtesy Thamesdown Borough Council
Stained glass from other side

Another view of the stained-glass window in the door to the Ladies Turkish bath, this time from the inside. This view, from June Jackson's delightful Hidden Swindon blog, also shows the wall tiling which was so typical of nineteenth century Turkish bath hot rooms.

< Photo: courtesy June Jackson  
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Turkish baths which are still open in England

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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