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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline
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Table last updated: 20 August 2017

There were Victorian Turkish baths in Sydney and Melbourne before there was one in London. Listen to the radio programme by Dr Susan Aykut (without whom this table would be very sketchy indeed)

The table shows all known opening and closing dates. All articles include a chronology, though these do not appear in the version of the site without frames.

Dates in blue  are accurate openings or closures to the best of our knowledge;
Dates in maroon  are first and last sightings;
Plus or minus signs  indicate 'and later' or 'and earlier'.

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If you have access to local newspapers or specialist journals and can add, amend, or correct any dates, please do contact us.

[]] [] BLUE MOUNTAINS CITY: Kings Theatre Turkish Baths 1920s
[]] [] BONDI: Queen Elizabeth Drive: Bondi Surf Pavilion: Turkish Baths 1929—1977
[]] [] MOUNT WILSON: Richard Wynne's Turkish bath
   Article on the baths by Mary Reynolds
[]] [] NEWCASTLE: Hamilton Road: Turkish Baths (Proprietor: F W Reay) 1879—1902
[]] [] PORT MACQUARIE: Turkish Baths 1870—
[]] [] SYDNEY: Bligh Street (27): Turkish Baths 1861—1921
[]] [] SYDNEY: Castlereagh Street / Martin Place: Australia Hotel Turkish
[]] [] SYDNEY: Reservoir Street: Dobson's Turkish Baths 1911, 1952
[]] [] SYDNEY: Elizabeth Street (159): Hall's Turkish Baths for men &
[]] [] SYDNEY: Elizabeth Street (183): Ladies Turkish Baths —1921
[]] [] SYDNEY: Liverpool Street: Turkish Baths 1923
[]] [] SYDNEY: Liverpool Street (150): Ultra Modern Turkish Baths (Propr:
   Arthur Thomas)
[]] [] SYDNEY: Oxford Street: Wigzell's Hairdressers and Turkish Baths 1883—
[]] [] SYDNEY: Pitt Street (158): J Stuart's Turkish and Russian Baths 1865, 1875
[]] [] SYDNEY: Pitt Street (204): Savoy Turkish Baths 1928—
[]] [] SYDNEY: Spring Street (15)
   First Victorian Turkish bath in Australia, opened by John Le Gay
[]] [] TEMORA: Turkish Baths 1880
[]] [] BRISBANE: Albert Street (154): Hall's Turkish Baths
   Next to White's Hotel. Proprs included E Letham and Samuel Bird.
[]] [] BRISBANE: Albert Street: Halliday's Turkish Baths
   Next to The Australian Hotel
[]] [] BRISBANE: Ann Street, H Barltrop's Excelsior Turkish & Cold Baths 1881
[]] [] BRISBANE: Perry Street, Petrie's Bight: H Barltrop's Excelsior Baths 1889—1896
[]] [] BRISBANE: Skinner Street, West End: Turkish Baths 1889, 1894
[]] [] ROCKHAMPTON: Duster's Turkish Baths 1877, 1878
[]] [] TOWNSVILLE: Denham Street: Turkish Baths (Propr: F Shaw) 1892, 1893
[]] [] TOWNSVILLE: Strand: Corporation Turkish Baths (Lessee: W Treeve) 1894, 1895
[]] [] ADELAIDE: Adelaide Arcade (Little Collins Street end) 1885—1969
[]] [] ADELAIDE: Grenfell Street: Osbaldiston's Turkish Baths 1867 only
[]] [] ADELAIDE: King William Road: City Baths
   Turkish baths were added five years after the baths' 1863 opening
[]] [] ADELAIDE: Hindmarsh Turkish baths 1897
[]] [] MAITLAND: Turkish baths 1872, 1873
[]] [] CAMPBELLTOWN: Campbelltown Benevolent Hospital Turkish Baths 1860s
[]] [] HOBART: Harrington Street: Hobart Turkish Baths
   Baths built at a cost of £400 by Hobart Town Turkish Bath Co Ltd
[]] [] LAUNCESTON: Charles Street: Edward Ackerman's Turkish Baths 1863—1893
[]] [] LAUNCESTON: Paterson Street: Queen Victoria Swimming & Turkish
[]] [] LAUNCESTON: Upper Elizabeth Street 1861—
[]] [] BALLARAT: Armstrong Street: Turkish baths 1863—1867
[]] [] GEELONG: Great Ryrie Street: Turkish Baths (Manager: Mr Jones) 1871—
[]] [] HAWKESDALE: 'Dunmore': private Turkish bathhouse 1866—
[]] [] MELBOURNE: Bourke Street E (24): Thomas Hosie's Turkish Bathing
    Palace and Bar
   Opened by the Governor, Sir George Bowen, 23 October
[]] [] MELBOURNE: Chapel Street (282-4): Prahran Arcade: Tolley's
   Turkish Baths
   Opened on 31 July
[]] [] MELBOURNE: Elizabeth Street: Nick Spartels' Turkish Baths 1920s, 1970s
[]] [] MELBOURNE: George Parade West: Oasis Turkish Baths
[]] [] MELBOURNE: Little Collins Street (360): Bjelke-Petersen Turkish
   Institute Baths
[]] [] MELBOURNE: Lonsdale Street: Fullalove's Turkish Baths 1867—1926
[]] [] MELBOURNE: Lonsdale Street: Oriental Baths 1860—1866
[]] [] MELBOURNE: Royal Arcade, Bourke Street: Turkish Baths
   Operated, at various times, by Pietriche, Hosie, and members of the
   Lucas family
[]] [] MELBOURNE: Russell Street (127) : Burton's Turkish Baths 1871, 1875
[]] [] MELBOURNE: Swanston Street (420): City Baths 1904—1983
[]] [] COOLGARDIE: Turkish Baths
   Designed by the distinguished architect, Edwin Summerhayes
[]] [] PERTH: Bazaar Terrace: Oxone Hotel and Turkish Baths 189?
[]] [] PERTH: Murray Street (132): Lovering's Turkish Baths 1901—1926
[]] [] PERTH: Pier Street (11): Max Wilson's Turkish Baths 1904, 1926
[]] [] PERTH: Pier Street (29): Smedley’s Hydropathic and Russo-Turkish
[]] [] PERTH: St George's Baths, including Turko-Russian Baths 1897
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Susan Aykut for much of the information about Turkish baths in Australia
Mary Reynolds, Secretary, Mount Wilson Historical Society

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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